With our online scheduling option, you are able to book appointments up to 2 hours ahead of our next available time.

If you are an established client and need to be seen urgently, or cannot find the time you would like, please call the office!

To schedule an in-clinic consultation, feel free to either click on the desired highlighted service below or call our office and we can find a time for you.   Thank you and we look forward to serving you!! 

Prenatal Lactation ConsultationThis is a great opportunity to get general information about breastfeeding, go over some basics of latch, and to address any specific breastfeeding concerns you have.  Can be helpful for new mothers as well as mothers with prior breastfeeding experience, particularly if they experienced any difficulties and would like to build their support network early.     

Lactation visit: This visit can address any number of concerns involving breastfeeding in the postpartum period. Initial visits are about 1:30 in length and we cover your history, any breastfeeding concerns, latch and feeding.  Each consultation is individualized to your specific needs and questions. Partners are welcome to come! We know that scheduling can be difficult, but try not to have just fed your baby prior to the visit. We will observe and assess a feeding to help make the most out of your appointment. 

Home Lactation Consultation: If you are interested in a home visit for lactation services call our office at 360-526-2185 for rates and availability as these do change.  Scheduling for these visits is not available online.