BCHM is a vibrant, community minded small business.  Occasionally we are looking for new members to add to our team.  Below you will find any potential opportunities to work with us.  


Per diem IBCLC:  We are looking for an experienced IBCLC to help cover vacation time.  Job description coming soon! 


Posted 3/21/2018:  Walk and Talk Leaders.  Have you attended our Thursday walking group?  Do you like to spend time outside with other mother's and walk?  Would you be willing to volunteer to be present and lead a group fo mother's on a walking route one Thursday afternoon a month?  If you answered yes to any of these then you may be a great fit as a Walk and Talk Leader!  We are looking for 1-4 mothers to help us continue to facilitate this event.  Responsibility is minimal, just show up on your assigned day and help make sure everyone can stay together as a group.  BCHM staff will be on hand all Thursday before and after to help answer questions.  If interested email Becky at info@centerforhealthymotherhood.com.  To find our more about Walk and Talk, check out our events page here.