BCHM is dedicated to helping build families.  We now offer insemination services!  Both intracervical (ICI) and intrauterine insemination (IUI)  services are available for healthy people, partnered or single, of any sexual orientation seeking to begin or grow their families. At this time there are no insemination services available for individuals with infertility.  However, we are happy to work as a part of your health care team to compliment the work you do with your infertility providers!

Components of Care

Our insemination services start with a free 30 minute consultation with our Nurse-Midwife.  This visit gives you the opportunity to meet our provider, see our space, and ask questions about how our services may support you in your goals. 

If you choose to work with BCHM, we will schedule a second visit to perform a comprehensive health history, any needed physical exam, and develop a plan that may include lab testing and/or imaging if needed.   During this visit we also discuss the cycle charting necessary for the timing of insemination.  If any cycles have already been charted, we will take the time to review this information as well.  Typically, there are 3 or more months of preconception care leading up to any insemination procedure.  This allows the time needed to gather essential information about your body and fertility needed to optimize chances of achieving pregnancy.  Ongoing support is given throughout these three months in the form of cycle chart review, emails, and phone calls.  One last office visit may be scheduled in the first part of the cycle during which insemination is to take place. 

The exact number of insemination procedures will depend on many factors and will be personalized for you, however, we usually recommend at least two inseminations per cycle.  At this time we offer in office ICI and IUI procedure services, as well as home ICI services.  We honor this process and want to give you an empowering experience whether you are in our office or at your home.

Support continues once pregnancy is achieved through the first 8-10 weeks.  This care provides you with information about common first trimester concerns like diet, nutrition, exercise, morning sickness, prenatal genetic screening, and choosing a prenatal care provider and place of birth.  Should you experience an early pregnancy loss, miscarriage management care is also provided.

Donor Sperm

If you are working with a known donor, we can help you gain access to resources to learn about the legal aspects of paternity rights, as well as planning logistics of collection.  We do not have the ability to wash sperm on site, so all known donor sperm will either have to be used with ICI (these sperm samples are unwashed) or prepared and frozen for you by one of our regional sperm banks.  For those using an annonymous donor, we can help you with questions about selection, testing and screening, and logistics for timing of getting your sample for the insemination.  It is your responsibility to provide all storage and transportation of all sperm specimens.

Cost of Services

We are committed to billing your insurance as appropriate for all care related to fertility and insemination.  The first office visit after the free consult is typically billed as an annual exam.  All follow-up visits are then billed as preventative counseling visits for preconception counseling.  Some insurance companies will cover the insemination procedure if done for "non-infertility."  It is up to you to call your insurance to find out what your benefits are. Below is a list of procedure codes and diagnosis codes you can give them when you call.  We have also included cash pay prices to use as an estimation, as exact prices may vary in each situation.  We will work with you to ensure our care is as affordable as possible.

  • IUI Procedure Codes: 58322 (IUI), 89260 (sperm prep), 69990 (microscopy)
  • Diagnosis codes: Non-infertility Z31.89
  • Cash Pay Rate Preconception Care: $350 for two office visits, email, and phone contact, monthly review of charts leading up to insemination.
  • Cash Pay Rate IUI: $200 single procedure, or $300 for two procedures in same cycle. includes procedure, all equipment costs, 24-hour access to provider during fertile window, and daily review of current cycle chart.
  • Cash Pay Rate ICI: $100 single procedure, or $150 for two procedures in same cycle.includes procedure, all equipment costs, 24-hour access to provider during fertile window, and daily review of current cycle chart.