Below you will find BCHM's appointment options to schedule online for women's health services.  Please read the information about each visit carefully for details. If you are not sure which appointment to schedule, or if you are an established client and need to be seen urgently and cannot find the time you would like, please call our office 360-526-2185 or email us at  Our clinic office is open Monday through Friday 8:30am-5:00pm for visits.

Online Scheduling: Select a service to schedule an appointment:

  • Annual Preventative Exam: This is a comprehensive preventative visit. We discuss common health screenings and health promotion topics such as contraception, diet, exercise, mental health. As appropriate a comprehensive head-to-toe physical exam is performed. This is not a visit to discuss specific health problems. If you have specific health concerns, please choose the most appropriate category from the other services listed. If you have questions, always feel free to call our office!

  • Contraceptive Counseling: During this visit we will discuss birth control options and work to find an method that works best for you. We offer lots of education and information, including the chance to see and touch samples of several different devices.

  • IUD insertion: You must call the office to book this appointment to ensure that we have the unit available, to discuss timing of insertion, as well as decide if a separate counseling visit is necessary.

  • IUD removal: This can take place at any time in your cycle, even with your period!

  • Miscarriage Management: We offer support to those going through the difficult process of miscarriage. This visit offers counseling on options for management of miscarriage and information and support through the process. Management options offered at BCHM include expectant (wait and watch) and medication management. At this time we do not offer manual vacuum aspiration or D&C.

  • Preconception Care: Thinking about pregnancy? This visit can help you prepare and address any concern you may have. Topics may include fertility awareness, readiness for pregnancy, and genetic risks.

  • Menopausal Care: Transitions come with questions at all stages and ages. In this visit we can discuss your concerns about the menopausal transition, wherever you are at in the process.

  • Reproductive Health: Common concerns that can be discussed during these visits include menstrual irregularities (periods that are too heavy, too frequent, or absent), vaginal infections, sexually transmitted infections, pelvic pain, pain with sex, sexual function, and hormonal regulation.

  • IUD follow-up: This follow-up visit usually takes place approximately 4-6 weeks after IUD insertion. We check to make sure IUD is in place, discuss any problems, concerns, etc with the method of birth control. This is also a visit for anyone concerned about the placement of their IUD.

  • Prenatal Visit: This appointment is for those generally in the first trimester of pregnancy to discuss pregnancy options, different types of prenatal care providers, birth place options, and common questions in pregnancy. This visit can also be a time to discuss management options of many early pregnancy symptoms including nausea and vomiting.

  • Women's Health Care: This type of visit is for common health concerns that can impact women is specific ways, or for issues that sometimes women would just rather see a female provider for. Examples include bladder infections, incontinence, thyroid health, and pelvic floor care.