Shared Stories of Success

"I am so grateful for Carolyn's help! I would never have been successful with breastfeeding without all her expertise. She is so supportive and knowledgeable and, I was able to breastfeed my daughter for 18 months!" 

"Becky was absolutely fabulous. She welcomed me right in and was so warm and kind. I felt at ease and completely comfortable. I will be back and will send friends and family!"

"Carolyn, I just wanted to say THANK-YOU for all the help you gave me with breastfeeding! You're a great teacher and if not for your support & encouragement, I wouldn't be breastfeeding my son today. I remember telling you that I hated breastfeeding my baby , well now I'm honestly loving it! We are now bonding at feeding time and that's thanks to you! He even smiles when he is at my breast now. Thanks for rescuing him from formula and a bottle and for turning such a painful experience into a positive one that I will treasure forever." 

"Becky is an exceptional health care provider, In a time where my husband and I were confused, sad and nervous, she took the time to truly listen and address our needs. She has continued to contact us and keep us informed and cared for."

"If it was not for Carolyn, I would not have been able to discharge from the hospital and she stepped in to help. She gave me so much useful information about breastfeeding in our first meeting and really encouraged me. She showed me what to be looking for and really ensured all my questions were answered. I am not sure I could have continued to breastfeed without her help."

"Rebecca granted me time and space for my {Health} story, then we discussed all applicable treatment options for my condition- both of utmost importance, especially on my first visit. She is invested in her career and her patients."